Protecting Your Property

The JPSO operates a Property and Evidence Section that takes in hundreds of pieces of property each week that was lost or stolen and has been turned into us. In many cases, the property or equipment has a serial number on it that identifies it. Unfortunately, if a citizen tries to claim the property and cannot provide a record or receipt that shows the serial number, we cannot turn it over to them. It is very important to keep a record of what you own along with the serial numbers or descriptions of your property.

Our Burglary Section also finds many security lapses in citizen's homes when they go out to investigate a burglary. Inadequate door locks, window locks, exterior lighting, etc. are almost always a contributing factor to a burglary or theft. Securing your home is very important and, in most cases, can be done easily and for little money.

Under our Neighborhood Watch Program, we offer the following security checklists for your use in order to secure your property and your home.

Security Checklists