JPSO Lost/Stolen Property Report

Lost or stolen property should be reported to the JPSO’s Burglary Division by either calling “911” or 504-364-5441.  Upon reporting the lost or stolen property, you should be given an “Incident (i.e., Police) Report”, which includes an “Item Number”. 

After receiving an incident report from the JPSO, you may need to report additional lost or stolen items once you have had time to take a full inventory of your house or vehicle.  To do so, the JPSO offers an online reporting tool referred to as an “Online Property Report” or a “P-page”.

By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to the online property reporting tool.  Once there, please follow the simple instructions to complete the form.

JPSO Lost/Stolen Online Report

If you experience any problems with the online tool, you may still contact the Burglary Division by phone at the numbers noted above.