Overview of Office and Mission Statement

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (the "JPSO") is a stand-alone governmental entity, separate and apart from the Parish Council. The Sheriff's Office was originally created in 1825. The Sheriff's position is reaffirmed by Article V, Section 27 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974. The Sheriff is a separately elected official elected by the citizens of the parish in a general popular election every 4 years.


The JPSO is charged with 4 main responsibilities:
  1. The JPSO has the responsibility of enforcing state and local laws and ordinances within the territorial boundaries of the parish (i.e., general law enforcement). The JPSO provides protection to its citizens through on-site patrols, criminal investigations, community policing, etc. While we have jurisdiction throughout the parish, our efforts are focused primarily on the unincorporated areas of the parish. Each of the 6 municipalities in the parish maintains their own police force to cover their cities or towns.
  2. The JPSO also administers the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (i.e., the parish jail). This is a 1,200 bed facility located in Gretna on the Westbank of the parish. The facility is owned and maintained by the parish; however, the JPSO provides the manpower to run the facility.
  3. The JPSO exercises civil process duties required by the various parish courts, such as providing bailiffs to the court system, executing orders of the courts, serving subpoenas, seizing property, administering garnishments in the parish, etc.
  4. The Sheriff of Jefferson Parish also serves as the "Ex-Officio" tax collector of the parish. As such, the Sheriff is responsible for the collection and distribution of ad valorem (property) taxes, sales and use taxes, parish occupational licenses, state revenue sharing funds, fines and forfeitures, costs and bond forfeitures imposed by the courts, etc.
Because of these responsibilities, the JPSO is one of the most complex local governmental entities in the state. Current staffing levels are just over 1,500 employees, with an operating budget in excess of $100 million.

Mission Statement

JPSO's mission is to keep Jefferson Parish a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

To this end, everyone at JPSO must be committed to the values of professionalism, intellect and integrity with an understanding that the application and management of our resources, including the professional development of all employees, is a shared priority. Together with our community and professional partners, we will augment resources, improving the quality of life and promoting the best parish in which to live, learn and work.

Vision Statement

JPSO's vision is to be a model law enforcement agency, accountable to maintain the public trust.