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Tuesday, July 01, 2014 01:49 PM

Payton J Brewer, W/M, 08/17/1992, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Alprazolam Possession, F-26255-14

Seth R Porter, W/M, 04/23/1990, Battery/Police Officer, Resisting an Officer, Possession Anabolic Steroids, Alprazolam Possession, Hydrocodone Possession, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, F-26255-14

Ferdinand F Rochon, IV, B/M, 01/19/1982, 2nd Degree Battery, F-26277-14

Romal Mohamad, W/M, 03/24/1957, 2 counts Obscene Talk on Phone, Cyberstalking/Electronic Mail, F-30495-10

Charles Tate, B/M, 07/12/1983, 4 Attachments, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, F-26780-14, F-26781-14, F-26783-14, F-26784-14, F-26647-14

Jose A Lopez, W/M, 06/30/1959, Domestic Abuse Battery, Simple Assault, F-26684-14

Khiry Tellis, B/M, 03/04/1992, Bank Fraud, 3 counts Monetary Instrument Abuse, Theft $1500 or More, Attempt Theft $1500 or More, F-21332-14

James C Thacker, B/M, 05/18/1989, Bank Fraud, 3 counts Monetary Instrument Abuse, Theft $1500 or More, Attempt Theft $1500 or More, F-21332-14

Peter W Gorey, W/M, 03/27/1955, Attachment, ID Theft Value $1000+, Bank Fraud, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Attempt Theft $1500 or More, G-07212-00, F-26761-14

Darryl J Nunez, W/M, 06/28/1988, 2nd Degree Battery, F-25332-14

Michael W Campbell, W/M, 05/25/1975, Violation of Protective Order, Cyberstalking/Electronic Mail, F-11092-14

Brineshia Glenn, B/F, 02/15/1993, Attachment, Aggravated Battery, F-23773-14, F-23712-14

Kenneth Whidden, W/M, 03/27/1964, Sexual Battery of the Infirmed, Aggravated Rape, F-23811-14

Andrew Arceneaux, W/M, 05/30/1994, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, F-23677-14

Damian Blair, B/M, 04/02/2001, Sexual Battery, Indecent Behavior w/Juvenile, F-81792-14

Kenneth F Gallagher, Jr., W/M, 04/30/1947, Domestic Abuse Battery – Strangulation, F-24585-14

Derace Keller, B/M, 07/24/1968, Aggravated Battery, F-63500-14

Silva Aguirre, W/F, 07/28/1989, Aggravated Battery, F-24775-14

Robert T Perrin, W/M, 11/16/1972, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 5x Fugitive, F-63512-14, F-63508-14 thru F-6351-14

Richard A Perrin, W/M, 12/17/1976, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 2x fugitive, Attachment, F-63512-14, F-63505-14 thru F-63507-14

Craig Z Cadiere, W/M, 02/01/1985, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, F-63512-14

Ricky M Bozeman, B/M, 08/09/1978, Following Too Close, Heroin Possession, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Driving-License Suspended, F-25011-14

Branden L Rubison, B/M, 04/13/1990, Intimidation of Witness, Harassing Phone Calls, Domestic Abuse Battery, 2 Attachments, K-12270-13, K-11759-13, F-25365-14, F-2352-13

Markeisha Lewis, B/F, 11/28/1990, Resist in Custody, Simple Assault, F-25093-14

Darceleen Comadore, B/F, 04/06/1987, Attempt Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery, F-25520-14

Dwight Briscoe, B/M, 03/22/1966, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Possession with Intent Schedule II, F-25678-14

Michael A Garcia, W/M, 05/04/1969, 2 counts Child Desertion, F-81927-14

Phil Joseph Forrest, W/M, 05/26/1981, Attachment, Resisting an Officer, Battery/Police Officer, Crack Possession, I-14384-07, F-25840-14

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Public Information Office
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