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Monday, June 23, 2014 01:33 PM

Danny Champagne, W/M, 10/11/1950, Obscenity, F-15066-14

Joseph T Pecoraro, W/M, 05/29/1975, Violation of Protective Order, Battery/Police Officer, Resist Police Force/Violence, F-15157-14

Jeanie L Crockett, B/F, 03/25/1959, Diazepam Possession, Crack Possession, Heroin Possession, Possession Marijuana 1st Offense, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, F-81231-14

JUVENILE, B/M, (15 years old), Aggravated Rape, E-14136-14

Khristina Jiles, B/F, 03/14/1987, Attempt Monetary Instrument Abuse, ID Theft Value $500-$999, Resist Police Force/Violence, F-62286-14

Brandon K Price, B/M, 09/21/1987, Attempt Monetary Instrument Abuse, ID Theft Value $500-$999, 3x Fugitive, F-62286-14, F-62304-14 thru F-62306-14

Scott Jackson, Jr., B/M, 07/10/1994, Pandering, F-16253-14

David L Smith, B/M, 07/26/1955, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Crack Possession, F-16296-14

Charles L Dobbins, B/M, 11/09/1992, Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, Sexual Battery, Disturbing the Peace-Fight, B-17631-14, F-16354-14

Tremain Richardson, B/M, 08/14/1982, Violation of Protective Order, F-81277-14

Michael Dennis, B/M, 05/11/1973, Domestic Abuse Child Endanger, Simple Robbery, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-80500-14

Leta L Bouie, B/F, 09/07/1974, Sexual Act Prohibited in Public, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Fugitive, F-16849-4, F-01693-14

Samuel Scott, B/M, 06/29/1981, Sexual Act Prohibited in Public, Fugitive, F-16849-14, F-16928-14

Matthew Clay Carroll, W/M, 11/12/1986, Attachment, Obscenity, Registration of Sex Offenders, J-02709-07, F-17014-14

Patrick Gale, W/M, 03/24/1960, Aggravated Assault with Firearm, Simple Criminal Damage $500 - $50000, F-17259-14

Daaron Mayfield, B/M, 07/02/1995, Bank Fraud, Theft $500-$1500, Attempt Theft $1500 or More, Forgery, 3 Attachments, Simple Burglary-Inhabited Dwelling, Resist Arrest by Flight, B-19224-14, F-17754-14, K-01641-14, F-17686-14

Tyree Scott, B/F, 06/01/1985, Child Desertion, Attachment, Fugitive, F-62599-14, F-62604-14, F-62605-14

Joshua J Jacobs, W/M, 11/17/1982, Domestic Abuse Child Endanger, Domestic Abuse Batter-Strangulation, Fugitive, F-17782-14, F-17834-14

Jeffrey A Carter, W/M, 05/06/1985, Heroin Possession, F-17873-14

Joshua Reyes, W/M, 09/17/1993, 4 counts Aggravated Assault with Firearm, F-17935-14

Lindsey Alley, W/F, 10/03/1991, Domestic Abuse Battery, F-18232-14

Francisco Espinoza-Vallasenor, W/M, 10/04/1980, Domestic Abuse Battery, F-18212-14

Mario Chavez, W/M, 10/15/1952, Aggravated Rape, Sexual Battery, F-18048-14

Shealyn Nicole Guidry, W/F, 07/25/1987, Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery, Fugitive, F-18276-14, F-1832-14

Frederick D Nelson, B/M, 02/15/1958, Codeine Possession, Clonazepam Possession, Hydrocodone Possession, F-81402-14

David S Jackson, B/M, Attempt Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, Possession with Intent Schedule II, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Felony Carrying Illegal Weapon, F-81458-14

Randy P Marcel, W/M, 06/18/986, Second Degree Murder, F-19154-14

Thaddmeus T Zander, B/M, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, Cruelty To Juvenile, Attachment, F-62788-14, H-62987-13

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Public Information Office
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