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Friday, March 07, 2014 11:48 AM

Henry Bruer, Jr., B/M, 11/05/1971, Attachment, Manslaughter, C-04666-13, G-01213-13

Rebecca L Russell, W/F, 01/27/1978, 4 counts Possession CDS by Fraud/Forgery, Attachment, A-13884-14, C-04676-14

Toller East, Jr., B/M, 05/24/1950, Domestic Abuse Battery – Strangulation, Aggravated Assault, C-80267-14

Brittany Nicole Lyons, W/F, 03/28/1989, 2 Attachments, Fugitive, Heroin Possession, Violation of CDS Law, C-04841-14, C-04840-14, C-04877-14, C-04725-14, B-24035-14

Christopher D Owens, B/M, 11/25/1986, 2 Attachments, Heroin Possession, 4 counts Violation of CDS Law, C-04868-14, C-04867-14, C-04725-14, B-17570-14, B-22140-14, B-24869-14, B-24035-14

Ryan O Reed, B/M, 06/06/1991, Attempt Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery, Simple Battery, A-08473-14

Roxane D Gagneaux, W/F, 04/19/1977, Child Desertion, L-13815-13

Santana A Hudson, B/M,(14 years old), 2 counts Armed Robbery, C-02595-14

Jessalyn R Sibley, W/F, 09/24/1984, Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding, Amphetamine Possession, Methylphenidate Possession, Alprazolam Possession, C-03426-14

Rebecca Ann Trahan, W/F, 12/01/1990, Theft Under $500, 2 counts Alprazolam Possession, Possession Marijuana 1st Offense, C-80186-14

Allen Joseph Cazabon, III, W/M, 06/07/1983, Theft Under $500, Resisting an Officer, Possession Marijuana 2nd Offense, 3 counts Crack Possession, Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, C-80162-14

Michael Eggleston, W/M, 04/03/1980, Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, Simple Criminal Damage under $500, Disturbing Peace Fight, C-80198-14

Desmond C Parker, W/M, 01/10/1979, Theft, Schedule II Possession of a CDS, Heroin Possession, C-60547-14, C-60653-14

Santana A Hudson, B/M, 09/06/1999 (14 years old), Attempt Armed Robbery, C-03226-14

Grady Bell, III, W/M, 10/03/1983, Misdemeanor Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, Pornography with Juvenile, B-09865-14

Justin L Yates, W/M, 08/08/1994, Hydrocodone Possession, B-24298-14

Michael Matthew, W/M, 06/24/1984, Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine Over 28 grams, Possession With Intent Schedule I, Possession Schedule I Narcotic, B-24050-14

Jerry C Rixner, B/M, 12/04/1991, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Crack Possession, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, B-24392-14

Kendrick Smith, B/M, 09/09/1989, Domestic Abuse Child Endangerment, B-81628-14

Paul Sanders, W/M, 07/06/1973, 2 counts Simple Kidnapping, B-81640-14

Lena M McClain, W/F, 01/20/1968, Crack Possession, B-25002-14

Tammy L Adams, W/F, 12/01/1987, 4 attachments, Theft of Goods Under $500, Alprazolam Possession, Clonazepam Possession, Fugitive, B-25124-14 through B-25127-14, B-24951-14, B-25128-14

Ryan S Deviney, W/M, 05/18/1977, Morphine Possession, B-24958-14

Bernardo K Carvahalino, W/M, 08/20/1994, Inciting a Riot, B-25293-14

Amanda Marie Lala, W/F, 04/07/1994, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Fugitive, B-25304-14, C-00070-14

Victoria Manso, W/F, 06/24/1994, , Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Fugitive, B-25304-14, C-00069-14

Johnny Lee Adams, B/M, 07/02/1974, Domestic Abuse Battery, Disturbing Peace Fight, C-80001-14

Velona R Anthony, B/F, 10/06/1977, Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault, C-00300-14

Peter Anthony Thibodeaux, B/M, 03/11/1978, Possession of Stolen Things, Bank Fraud, 2 counts Monetary Instrument Abuse, Theft $1500 or more, B-06693-13

Rommel V Cordova, W/M, 06/20/1967, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-00626-14

Tyrone K Williams, B/M, 02/09/1969, Attachment, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-00811-14, C-00686-14

Brittany A Tripp, W/F, 03/26/1988, Accessory After The Fact, C-01025-14

Christopher Dwyer, W/M, 03/09/1979, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-60190-14

Oji S Adams, B/M, 02/26/1982, Princ-Burglary Aggravated, Aggravated Flight From Officer, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, Fugitive, C-0665-14, C-00845-14, C-00943-14

Eric O’Neil German, B/M, 08/10/1984, Forcible Rape, C-80019-14

Tommy G Lopez, W/M, 06/30/1967, 2 Attachments, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, G-32758-08, C-01113-14, C-01012-14

Desareese A Black, B/F, 4 counts Child Desertion, C-60231-14

Mervin J Ponson, B/M, 12/08/1951, 2nd Degree Battery, C-60297-14
Frank Bailey, B/M, 02/10/1990, Attempt Kidnapping/Aggravated, Aggravated Burglary, C-00665-14

Rodney Francis, B/M, 05/16/1959, Crack Possession, Possession with Intent Schedule II, Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids, C-60324-14

George N Castellon, Jr., W/M, 02/08/1979, Stalking, Harassing Phone Calls, Cyber-Stalking/Electronic Mail, Attachment, J-02608-12, C-02125-14

David Millsap, W/M, 11/03/1989, Negligent Homicide, Hit and Run Serious Injury or Fatal, Theft Auto Over $1500, Car Jacking, B-23860-14, B-23843-14, B-23866-14

Jesse J Breaux, W/M, 01/25/1962, 3 counts Aggravated Assault with Firearm, Illegal Use of Weapon, C-02799-14

Chaz LeBlanc, W/M, 03/19/1992, Aggravated Battery, Simple Battery, Disturbing the Peace Fight, C-80155-14

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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