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Monday, February 10, 2014 10:27 AM

Brandon J Dupont, W/M, 07/31/1984, Attachment, Violation of Protective Order, B-05151-14, B-05070-14

Donald Shearry, Jr., B/M, 10/01/1980, 2x Fugitive, Resist Arrest by Violence, Child Desertion, B-05270-14, B-05271-14, B-05294-14

Jefferson Faggard, W/M, 02/23/1978, 3 Attachments, Simple Battery, 2 counts Battery/Police Officer, 3 counts Resist Arrest by Flight, Harassing Phone Calls, 2 counts Resist Arrest by Refuse to ID, Creation of Clandestine Lab, Resist Arrest by Violence, Methamphetamine Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, B-05312-14 through B-05314-14, C-24048-13, E-09562-13, F-22841-13, J-07517-13, B-05133-14

Nicholas J Percle, W/M, 05/01/1984, Driving While Intoxicated 4th, Op Susp DL Prev Other Offenses, Hydrocodone Possession, Alprazolam Possession, Reckless Operation Vehicle, No Seat Belt in Use Law, B-80284-14

Milos A Ocokoljic, W/M, 01/07/1987, Distributing Porn Involving Juveniles, A-81577-14

Jason Clark Brown, B/M, 09/05/1986, Second Degree Cruelty to Juvenile, Cruelty to Juvenile, Attachment, B-02971-14, B-05571-14

Brandon J Dupont, W/M, 07/31/1984, Domestic Abuse Battery, Violation of Protective Order, A-24700-14

Jimmie J Dyer, B/M, 10/21/1951, Aggravated Battery, B-05761-14

Eugene R Buck, B/M, 04/22/1983, Crack Possession, Possession of Marijuana 2nd Offense, B-05933-14

Chad E Dejong, W/M, 02/09/1973, 2 Attachments, Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, Oxycodone Possession, B-06207-14, B-05759-14

Robert J Bentel, W/M, 06/26/1987, Aggravated Assault, Self- Mutilation, B-06179-14

Michelle D Roof, W/F, 04/01/1982, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, B-60895-14

Shonde Williams, B/M, 10/29/1979, Aggravated Battery, Public Consumption of Alcohol, Public Intoxication, B-60298-14, B-60941-14

Charles Hebert, B/M, 06/06/1968, 2nd Degree Battery, B-60998-14

Daniel S Nolting, W/M, 01/23/1986, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, B-07357-14

Riney Hawthorne, B/M, 04/21/1990, Credit Card Use Under $300, Access Device Fraud Under $500, 6 counts Access Device Fraud, B-80422-14

Courtney M Bilnoski, W/F, 01/04/1979, Theft of Goods $500-$1500, 2 counts Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, 2 counts Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, B-07552-14

Jeremy C Willis, W/M, 07/02/1983, Burglary of Pharmacy, Drugs-Schedule IV Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Drugs-Schedule III Possession, Contraband in Correctional Center, A-23965-14, B-07535-14

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Public Information Office
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