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Friday, September 27, 2013 11:51 AM

Hailey Letsos, W/F 8/29/86, heroin possession I-21238-13

Gary Saucer, W/M 3/26/86, heroin possession I-21238-13

Melissa Evance, W/F 1/29/91, prostitution I-21421-13

Clarence Fullwood, B/M 7/23/57, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, felony theft I-22083-12

JUVENILE, B/M 1/28/99, interfering with an educational facility I-62778-13

JUVENILE, W/M 2/14/98, interfering with an educational facility I-20458-13

Kayla Page, W/F 11/25/87, contraband into a correctional center I-20673-13

Justin Hutchinson, B/M 11/20/89, battery police off-custody DOC, obscenity, threatening a public official

Medric Ayche, B/M 3/6/87, illegal possession of stolen property I-20496-13

Braden Robinson, W/M 7/21/58, terrorizing I-17900-13

Decker Randolph, b/M 9/10/77, felony theft B-15756-13

Naomi Eymard, W/F 8/12/66, simple burglary C-11961-12

Shayna Belsome, W/F 3/2/93, illegal possession stolen property, felony theft C-00820-13

Patrick Wright, B/M 6/10/72, access device fraud I-61824-13

David Bonilla, W/M 6/23/77, cruelty to juvenile I-80857-13

Steven Breaux, B/M 1/21/87, 2 counts molestation of a juvenile, 2 counts sexual battery, cruelty to juvenile H-80457-13

Gregory Williams, B/M 3/5/81, domestic abuse battery-strangulation J-20241-11

Charles Batiste, B/M 12/5/91, simple burglary, 2 counts illegal possession stolen firearms, possession of stolen property

Jarred Young, B/M 10/10/87, use of firearm cds/violence I-18278-13

Todd Landry, W/M 12/5/80, possession of heroin, codeine possession I-18260-13

JUVENILE, B/M 6/27/99, assault on a school teacher I-17738-13

JUVENILE, B/F 7/31/99, possession of weapon on school grounds I-16803-13

JUVENILE, B/F 5/12/97, battery on a school teacher I-16932-13

JUVENILE, W/M 2/1/00, simple burglary I-17395-13

Kenneth Clark, B/M 10/3/86, illegal possession of stolen property I-17914-13

Leon Rounds, B/M 1/7/95, illegal possession of stolen property I-17552-13

Arthur Kwasik, W/M 4/30/93, illegal possession of stolen property I-17430-13

Monique Gaines, B/F 12/10/70, felony theft, bank fraud I-16997-13

Kory PP, W/M 11/2/91, illegal possession of stolen H-15215-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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