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Friday, September 13, 2013 10:12 AM

JUVENILE, B/M 9/22/98, 2 counts interfere educational facility I-10506-13

Bryan Devall, B/M 11/29/93, 2 counts armed robbery I-10275-13

Dari Lockett, B/M 10/21/85, use of firearm cds/violence I-10666-13

Sigmond Fischbein, W/M 3/2/79, 2 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, false swearing, injuring public records, illegal possession stolen property G-27627-13

Jacob Moreno, W/M 9/15/73, contraband cc combust I-11115-13

Melanie Lewis, B/F 12/13/91, felony theft I-10962-13

Eric McClure, B/M 12/14/93, principal to simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen property I-09756-13

James Bibbins, B/M 8/27/72, illegal possession of stolen property I-10471-13

Austin Plaisance, W/M 4/6/95, simple burglary I-10293-13

Antonio Calvin, B/M 2/2/93, simple burglary I-10293-13

Nicholas Luther, W/M 8/4/85, 6 counts simple burglary F-80712-13

JUVENILE, B/M 6/6/99, intimidation of witness, assault on school teacher I-09637-13

David Fisher, W/M 1/1/81, attempt second degree murder I-80651-13

Justin Thomas, B/M 4/9/90, domestic abuse battery, strangulation I-09661-13

Courtez Cambrice, B/M 7/30/92, attempt second degree murder H-19447-13

Troy Rainey, b/M 8/5/69, contraband in correct center I-09769-13

Gray Martin, W/M 12/17/39, 2 counts sexual battery, 2 counts indecent behavior w/juvenile, contributing to delinquency of juvenile G-17540-13

Wilson Bell, B/M 4/12/92, obscenity I-09582-13

Susan Ferry, W/F 2/16/79, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling G81930-13

Bryant Harris, B/M 6/24/73, 2 counts harassing phone calls, 4 counts violation of protective order, 3 counts stalking, cyber stalking/electronic mail A-18939-12

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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