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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 10:15 AM

Jamie Harden, B/M 11/28/91, illegal carrying weapons C-10937-13

Korin Keinzman, W/F 11/27/87, prostitution I-08940-13

April Terrebonne, W/F 12/9/85, false swearing re: robbery I-08855-13

Joshua Martin, B/M 1/11/95, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling I-80281-13

Cynthia James, W/F 12/14/72, simple burglary, illegal possession stolen property, felony theft F-11814-13

Michael Benoit, W/M 12/31/71, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling G-08811-13

Jordan Gogreve, W/M 4/26/89, domestic abuse battery – strangulation D-13406-13

Samuel Cooks, B/M 12/27/93, second degree murder H-23593-13

Matthew Becnel, B/M 12/12/86, two counts pornography w/juvenile H-08824-12

Mario Johnson, B/M 2/13/83, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon

JUVENILE, B/M 10/22/98, aggravated rape I-07281-13

JUVENILE, W/M 2/16/02, possession of weapon on school grounds I-07657-13

JUVENILE, W/M 5/31/99, 2 counts aggravated rape victim under 13 H-16536-13

Barry Harris, B/M 1/28/83, monetary instrument abuse, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence G-61158-13

Dwight Harris, B/M 12/24/76, contraband in correct center I-07983-13

Joseph Tabor, W/M 5/3/85, 2 counts simple burglary I-07483-13

Dameon Shoffner, B/M 7/7/91, use of firearm cds/violence I-60979-13

Ivell, Romas, B/M 1/21/79, illegal carrying weapons I-07373-13

David Kellum, W/M 7/29/82, filing false public records F-04966-13

Kendrick Miles, B/M 2/16/93, illegal possession of stolen firearms I-06653-13

Joshua Martin, B/M 1/11/95, armed robbery I-80373-13

Kendreka Patterson, B/F 4/3/96, armed robbery I-80373-13

Lori Dexter, W/F 6/26/62, use of firearm cds/violence I-06806-13

James Woolf, W/M 7/4/74, use of firearm cds/violence I-06806-13

JUVENILE, B/M 3/8/00, armed robbery I-80373-13

JUVENILE, B/F 8/10/97, armed robbery I-80373-13

Steven Catalanatto, W/M 5/14/81, contraband in correct center I-80338-13

Christopher Landry, B/M 5/9/82, contraband cc combust I-05392-13

Kyle Ragan, W/M 8/31/90, heroin possession I-05545-13

Kevin Johnson, B/M 10/2/89, aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal use of weapon, felony carrying illegal weapon I-05353-13

Adam Findley, W/M 11/5/89, attempt simple robbery I-04658-13

Donald Oliver, B/M 9/9/73, illegal possession of stolen property I-60627-13

Kimberly Ha, W/F 11/20/89, felony theft I-04975-13

Steven Marcour, W/M 9/16/89, felony carrying illegal weapon I-60620-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office
504-363-5521 O

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