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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 04:24 PM

Herman Baptiste, B/M 10/10/95, monetary instrument abuse H-63267-13

Zebullun Grant, W/M 4/9/87, 3 counts simple burglary H-81923-13

Theodore Washington, B/M 9/10/90, 2 counts home invasion, 3 counts aggravated assault, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, felony carrying illegal weapon G-80271-13

Julian Hahnebohm, W/M 4/2/66, simple burglary L-28697-07

Andrew Short, W/M 11/20/70, violation of protective order H-04126-13

Rochelle Brehm, W/F 10/10/79, 2 counts possession cds by fraud/forgery H-13882-13

Jazz Williams, B/M 7/27/85, possession of stolen property, prin-bank fraud, prin-monetary instrument abuse, attempt felony theft I-06407-12

Darriel King, B/M 6/17/70, unauthorized use of motor vehicle I-17445-11

Joenique Williams, B/F 6/28/93, simple burglary H-23019-13

Joehienze Williams, B/M 4/3/95, simple burglary H-23019-13

Deshaon Tucker, B/M 12/25/84, simple burglary H-23019-13

Johnathan Wilson, B/M 12/18/78, domestic abuse battery – strangulation I-09195-12

Deshanon Powell, B/M 8/29/85, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence H-23071-13

Dale Brown, B/M 10/2/81, domestic abuse battery – strangulation F-24599-13

Wilmeshia Dewey, B/F 11/4/92, simple burglary H-23019-13

Fursan Halum, W/M 10/21/85, distribution of heroin, use of firearm cds/violence H-20925-13

Taylor lathers, B/F 12/28/92, monetary instrument abuse, forgery J-80650-11

Ivory Williams, B/M 5/10/92, simple robbery H-22715-13

Raul Valdez-Rangel, W/M 7/28/81, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling H-81641-13

Derrvon Hughes, B/M 3/7/96, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling, indecent behavior w/juvenile D-07190-13

Michael Trejo, W/M 11/25/81, theft, illegal possession stolen property, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling H-21231-13

Christopher Powell, B/M 3/24/77, 2 counts cruelty to juvenile, 3 counts false imprisonment H-81569-13

Billy Williams, B/M 2/25/87, simple robbery, aggravated burglary G-81291-13

Brittany Ernest, B/F 1/31/90, felony theft I-24103-12

Henry Ford, III, B/M 10/7/91, felony carrying illegal weapon H-21192-13

Richard Italiano, W/M 9/9/49, illegal possession stolen property H-62785-13

Billy Porche, B/M 5/15/95, use of firearm cds/violence H-21294-13

Kenneth Washington, B/M 5/2/85, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence H-21294-13

Everet Preston, B/M 12/2/89, attempt second degree murder H-21001-13

Destiny Barthelemy, B/F 11/10/98, interfere educ facility H-20747-13

Michael Taylor, W/M 10/6/71, aggravated rape, forcible rape H-18208-13

Herbert Womack, W/M 11/11/46, possession of stolen property, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, felony theft B-04811-13

Saul Emilien, B/M 11/16/86, monetary instrument abuse G-61153-13

Christopher Simmons, B/M 9/8/70, felony carrying illegal weapon H-19738-13

Caleb Wilson, B/M 2/24/92, simple burglary H-14240-13

Antoine Payne, B/M 8/7/89, 2 counts aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal use of weapon, illegal carrying weapons H-11019-13

Brandon Smith, B/M 12/13/89, bank fraud, forgery, attempt felony theft H-20028-13

Jermaine Allen, B/M 2/11/74, domestic abuse battery-strangulation H-62583-13

Alvin Rachel, W/M 3/26/92, theft unauthorized use access card H-19599-13

Leslie Randall, B/F 3/20/73, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling C-61245-13

Marx Leonard, b/M 8/29/92, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling H-81413-13
Cheyenne Parker, W/F 12/22/93, prostitution H-19389-13

Troy Baptiste, B/M 4/13/87, contraband in correct center H-19869-13

JUVENILE, B/M 7/16/00, interfering with an educational facility H-19003-13

JUVENILE, B/F 6/26/01, interfering with an educational facility H-19003-13

Saron Brown, B/F 9/14/74, forgery H-19026-13

Erin Rafferty W/F 3/29/77, contraband cc combust H-19233-13

Handioni Reis, W/M 7/28/82, stalking, harassing phone calls, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling H-81332-13

Reginald Nabonne, B/M 12/15/77, failure to register as sex offender H-17014-11

Alan Simmons, B/M 4/27/96, simple burglary H-14240-13

David Forsyth, W/M 2/23/80, unauthorized use of motor vehicle H-18603-13

Ashley Roth, W/F 4/27/86, contraband in correct center H-18577-13

Justin Robards, W/M 9/15/91, 2 counts illegal possession stolen property D-28813-13

Jennifer Kennon, B/F 11/17/87, let premises for prostitution H-18803-13

Jason Bush, W/M 12/4/83, monetary instrument abuse, bank fraud, forgery A-06691-13

Biannca Russell, B/F 11/13/89, prostitution H-18803-13

Shawn Quigley, W/M 2/24/76, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, felony theft G-81930-13

Dudley Autin, W/M 10/29/90, illegal possession stolen firearms, felony carrying illegal weapon H-18765-13

Christopher Johnson, B/M 7/22/85, possession of heroin H-62411-13

Daniel Duzac, W/M 5/20/93, simple burglary H-07621-11

Nicholas Hatzgionidis, W/M 9/28/91, second degree kidnapping, aggravated assault, use of firearm cds/violence H-18539-13

Josselyn Jimenez-Calderson, W/F 6/10/88, accs-kidnapping second degree H-18378-13
Edwin Foster, B/M 12/27/86, domestic abuse battery-strangulation H-17215-13

Jermayne Washington, B/M 1/27/98, illegal carrying weapons H-81362-13

Kathryn Merritt, W/F 12/11/50, unauthorized use of motor vehicle H-17442-13

Gregory Miller, B/M 9/3/89, use of firearm cds/violence H-17476-13

Bryan Thomas, B/M 3/15/96, use of firearm cds/violence H-17354-13

Megan Klar, W/F 6/4/90, possession of heroin, contraband in correct center H-17653-13

Kenneth Odom, B/M 10/16/80, obscenity H-18063-13

Kristy Dominque, W/F 3/26/91, prostitution H-18099-13

Gregory Bray, B/M 11/5/77, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling H-17106-13

Steven Breaux, B/M 1/21/87, 2 counts carnal knowledge of juvenile, cruelty to juvenile H-80457-13

JUVENILE, B/M 12/17/98, possession tools for crime, cnsp-residential burglary H-17042-13

Basical Thomas, B/M 11/30/62, contraband in correct center H-17143-13

Aaron Waddington, W/M 5/1/83, aggravated assault, cyberstalking/electronic mail H-16548-13

Larry Boudreaux, Jr., B/M 11/7/85, possession of heroin H-81212-13

Charles Mote, W/M 3/28/51, obscenity H-62218-13

JUVENILE, B/M 12/31/98, first degree robbery H-81153-13 (KPD)

JUVENILE, B/M 10/21/99, first degree robbery H-81153-13 (KPD)

JUVENILE, B/M 8/3/00, first degree robbery H-81153-13 (KPD)

Jesse Trapani, W/M 3/13/86, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-12443-11

Ashley Ketchum, W/F 11/17/86, possession of heroin H-16062-13

Jeremy Washington, B/M 2/7/94, illegal carrying of weapons, possession of handguns by juvenile H-81101-13

Julie Vongdara, W/F 6/25/92, prostitution H-15618-13

Evell Williams, B/M 11/28/94, intimidation of witness H-11538-13

Tina Bills, B/F 5/2/61, contraband in correct center H-15179-13

Devin Babineaux, W/M 2/8/94, illegal possession of stolen property B-09104-12

Irvin Harris, B/M 10/11/92, 2 counts first degree murder H-12124-13

Daniel Christina, W/M 4/22/64, contraband in correct center H-14963-13

Vladimiro Cruz, W/M 8/21/63, contraband in correct center H-15764-13

Keithen Banks, B/M 5/1/94, simple burglary H-14961-13

Livingston Tabor, W/M 1/12/86, possession of heroin H-15094-13

Jeremy Coleman, B/M 8/21/93, 2 counts first degree murder H-12124-13

Brian Todd, W/M 3/25/66, domestic abuse battery-strangulation G-08361-13

Adam Perkins, W/M 9/26/81, 2 counts theft unauthorized use access card, 4 counts forgery G-08721-13

Steve Roy, W/M 6/22/74, intimidation of witness H-12492-13

Warren Stanley, B/M 2/20/72, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence H-13840-13

Cynthia James, W/F 12/14/72, access device fraud F-19189-13

Justin Daniels, B/M 3/15/89, contraband in correct center H-14239-13

Gyquele Williams, B/M 12/28/94, illegal possession stolen firearms, illegal carrying weapons H-14219-13

Charles Barconey, B/M 6/26/95, violation of protective order G-00303-13

Abel England, B/M 3/3/54, simple burglary H-14021-13

Romalice Campbell, B/M 7/6/94, 4 counts simple burglary H-12309-13

Danny Brown, B/M 2/7/95, 4 counts simple burglary H-12309-13

Terrence Armstrong, b/M 9/10/94, 4 counts simple burglary H-12309-13

Danshaun Hampton, B/M 5/4/96, 4 counts simple burglary H-12309-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

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