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Friday, July 12, 2013 11:11 AM

Thomas Hudgins, W/M 11/2/81, attempt armed robbery, contraband in correct center G-61011-13

Amy Shoemaker, W/F 7/7/90, access-armed robbery, prostitution G-61011-13

Richard Hudgins, W/M 2/10/84, access-armed robbery G-61011-13

Saed Amireh, W/M 7/28/79, felony carrying illegal weapon G-08896-13

Anthony Gaudin, W/M 6/27/92, morphine possession G-09272-13

Olander Victor, B/M 7/1/69, aggravated rape victim under 13 K-11674-06

Devon Brantley, W/M 4/8/96, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling G-09009-13

Jamal Thompson, B/M 7/1/96, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling G-09009-13

Brookes Gaudin, W/F 3/25/93, morphine possession G-09272-13

Darren Williams, B/M 2/13/94, illegal carrying of weapons F-80602-13

Taylor Lewis, W/M 9/18/96, forcible rape F-16917-13

David Frazier, B/M 11/14/99, 4 counts aggravated assault G-08971-13

Justin Cosey, B/M 6/30/87, auto theft, illegal possession stolen property, felony carrying illegal weapon G-08275-13

Michael Laieke, B/M 9/27/73, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse G-07733-13

Tommy Seals, W/M 9/30/94, 4 counts pornography w/juvenile G-07937-13

Shawn Berry, B/M 8/3/93, 11 counts simple burglary F-16408-13

Renee Fourroux, W/F 9/10/61, felony carrying illegal weapon G-08441-13

Lenwood McQueen, W/M 1/28/80, failure to register as sex offender, sex offense fraud 2nd or more F-09722-13

Chauvin Howard, B/M 7/31/90, possession of heroin G-08906-13

Andrea Birdow, B/F 2/12/91, trafficking child sex purposes, prostitution G-08858-13

Dames Fox, B/M 9/21/95, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling G-09009-13

Rabee Hindi, W/M 12/24/91, illegal carrying weapons, use of firearm cds/violence G-60767-13

Andrew Prest, W/M 11/21/69, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, unauthorized use of motor vehicle G-07450-13

Ty Fischer, W/M 12/17/92, illegal possession of stolen property, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearm D-03190-13

Joey Saintsurin, B/M 3/11/91, credit card use, access device fraud G-04351-13

Baron Johnson, B/M 4/17/69, simple burglary H-15260-11

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 Office

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