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Wednesday, July 03, 2013 10:47 AM

Kayla Mauch, W/F 9/12/95, assault on school teacher E-08570-13

Reuben Farrell, W/M 12/8/53, felony theft I-14395-12

Albert Hardy, B/M 8/2/90, illegal carrying weapons G-00848-13

Reginald Bradley, B/M 2/15/87, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession of stolen firearm, use of firearm cds/violence G-60099-13

Ruben Sierra, W/M 9/9/70, illegal possession of stolen property G-80057-13

Ryan Mullen, W/M 12/4/80, felony theft, monetary instrument abuse B-04418-13

Roger Evans, B/M 12/28/83, second degree murder F-18952-13

Winton Wilson, B/M 1/27/58, aggravated assault, illegal carrying weapons, contraband in correct center G-00646-13

Chasity Harris, B/F 12/17/92, felony theft, auto theft D-61464-13

Denatheus Kelly, B/M 1/4/93, simple burglary G-80144-13

Jamal Jones, B/M 2/26/88, simple burglary G-00010-13

Keith Mingo, B/M 8/6/64, possession of stolen property, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, felony theft B-06695-13

Gary Palmer, W/M 12/18/73, violation of protective order F-63344-13

Terrance Brown, B/M 2/3/75, domestic abuse battery-strangulation F-16943-12

Brian Dolliole, B/M 6/15/80, simple arson E-06629-13

Levi Bachu, B/M 9/14/84, simple burglary G-00010-13

Damond Stamps, B/M 8/3/72, violation of protective order G-00495-13

Jessie Spiers, W/M 11/18/86, domestic abuse battery-strangulation F-28858-13

Micheal Williams, B/M 8/13/86, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling F-29334-13

William Montero, W/M 10/12/79, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-28067-13

Hillary Jones, B/M 10/24/66, armed robbery, prin-aggravated burglary, felony carrying illegal weapon F-28660-13

Dedwin Shelling, B/M 11/1/92, attempt felony theft, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse F-04344-13

Christian Cardon, W/M 4/10/90, negligent homicide F-28597-13

Steven Nance, W/M 6/1/64, unauthorized use of motor vehicle F-28948-13

Antonio Alvarado, W/M 2/8/84, aggravated burglary, principal armed robbery F-28660-13

Jim Jackson, B/M 7/5/77, obscenity F-27989-77

Matthew Loewenstein, W/M 1/8/86, theft unauthorized use of access card, simple burglary A-80096-13

Aziza Washington, B/F 4/15/94, unauthorized use of motor vehicle F-82048-13

Sidney Williams, B/M 5/6/83, felony theft F-28124-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/27/00, aggravated rape E-08701-13

Plaze Covington, W/M 7/4/96, simple burglary F-27004-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/3/99, armed robbery E-14671-13

Roger Maunz, W/M 8/22/44, attempt aggravated kidnapping of child, stalking F-26060-13

Blake Barbato, W/M 11/3/92, aggravated assault F-26434-13

Brooke Gaudin, W/F 3/25/93, false swearing F-15951-13

Terrell Edwards, B/M 9/23/77, auto theft F-09075-13

Amanda Senter, W/F 11/21/90, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling F-63032-13

Shanti Kamalo, W/M 11/23/73, 2 counts simple burglary F-09699-13

Kevin Kelly, B/M 5/2/95, illegal possession of stolen property, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, contributing to delinquency of juvenile F-26735-13

Aaron Colar, B/M 9/24/73, use of firearm cds/violence F-63074-13

Krystal Pearce, W/F 3/27/88, prostitution F-27050-13

JUVENILE, W/F 9/8/98, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling J-03915-12

Paul Manning, W/F 11/20/60, felony carrying illegal weapon F-26036-13

James Hill, B/M 6/11/90, prostitution F-25813-13

Jerome Peabody, B/M 1/11/56, aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal use of weapon F-81881-13

Quinton Gilmore, B/M 5/12/80, forgery F-25383-13

Ronald Naquin, W/M 10/31/52, aggravated rape victim under 13, 6 counts aggravated incest, 7 counts sexual battery, 3 counts oral sexual battery, 5 counts molestation of juvenile, violation of protective order L-81040-07

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office
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