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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:16 AM

Ernest Pollard, B/M 3/13/87, warrants for 3 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling K-16345-10

Johnathan Hooper, B/M 1/2/85, monetary instrument abuse, identity theft, 3 counts attempt fraud acquis credit card F-02252-13

Theodore Lamonica, W/M 3/25/71, domestic abuse battery-strangulation F-16347-13

Earle Staehle, W/M 11/11/62, possession of heroin F-81230-13

Gerard Spina, W/M 4/24/83, felony theft F-16586-13

Kelin Richards, B/M 8/25/81, distribution of heroin F-81230-13

Deshondra Stevenson, B/F 6/6/85, possession of heroin F-81230-13

Robert James, b/M 2/28/86, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon F-16231-13

Michael Brown, B/M 8/16/91, simple burglary F-10748-13

Henry Craig, B/M 9/17/75, forgery F-52166-97

Xiao Min Chen, W/F 7/8/83, child desertion, cruelty to juvenile F-16669-13
Carlos Zepeda, W/M 11/12/89, 2 counts aggravated assault w/firearm, possession of firearm on ABO premises F-14680-13

Alvin Haynes, B/M 3/2/70, 8 counts home incarceration violation

Nancy Kohan, W/F 7/18/66, felony theft F-08170-13

Chad Matherne, W/M 6/3/82, 7 counts forgery K-13665-12

Donald Green, B/M 10/13/88, use of firearm cds/violence F-15705-13

Reshaud Stevenson, B/M 12/26/82, felony carrying illegal weapon F-64825-13
Robin Sacco, W/F 10/10/61, warrant for felony theft I-14395-13

Otto Robinson, W/M 5/12/84, harassing phone calls, stalking F-61323-13

Lanell Johnson, B/F 4/13/90, illegal possession of stolen property F-61641-13

Sugarray Robinson, B/M 1/19/88, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling, false imprisonment F-13963-13
Michael Videau, B/M 2/11/83, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearms F-13174-13

Halvan Daniels, B/M 12/5/58, illegal carrying weapons, felony carrying illegal weapon F-13086-13

Mariah Videau, B/F 1/14/92, monetary instrument abuse K-17171-11

Kimberly Monroe, W/F 9/26/82, felony theft, 2 counts forgery, illegal possession of stolen property F-07217-13

Wesley Weisler, W/M 7/21/87, auto theft, illegal possession of stolen property F-12203-13
Hal McLaughlin, W/M 9/3/64, possession of heroin F-12149-13

Gerard Spina, W/M 4/24/83, felony theft, attempt felony theft F-12120-13

Royal Risin, B/M 4/30/90, illegal possession stolen firearms F-12238-13

Charles Riley, B/M 10/9/91, use of firearm cds/violence-12215-13

Labrian Weber, b/M 7/27/76, domestic abuse battery-strangulation F-61446-13

Lorenda Laurent, W/F 2/17/60, heroin possession F-12149-13

Willie Dalgo, W/M 12/6/93, domestic abuse battery-strangulation, misd carnal knowledge of juvenile F-11343-13

Emily Bagne, W/F 12/8/83, prostitution F-11786-13

Tearany Lassai, B/F 1/20/91, 2 counts bank fraud, 4 counts forgery, felony theft, identity theft K-16713-11

JUVENILE, B/M 3/8/97, illegal possession of stolen property

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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