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Monday, May 13, 2013 02:13 PM

Gabriel Varela, W/M 9/29/77, possession of heroin E-80785-13

Megan Klar, W/F 6/4/90, possession of heroin E-80785-13

Robert Henning, W/M 1/14/55, illegal carrying of weapons E-11641-13

Johnathan Silvestri, W/M 4/2/90, contraband in correct center E-10060-13

Steven Sloan, W/M 9/24/57, 2 counts first degree robbery B-21388-13

Brandon Moore, B/M 12/12/84, aggravated rape E-08707-13

Galen Lewis, B/M 8/15/93, felony carrying illegal weapon E-10060-13

Christopher Centanni, W/M 6/19/71, 4 counts obscenity, aggravated assault E-10543-13

Linus Kowalewski, W/M 3/18/87, felony theft E-60174-13

Omar Almanza-Sanchez, W/M 9/25/85, illegal use of weapon E-80729-13

Ignacio Cabrera, W/M 10/17/75, illegal use of weapon E-80729-13

Jason Addison, B/M 9/12/92, contraband in correct center E-10690-13

Terry Williams, B/M 7/22/87, obscenity E-10272-13

Valdemar Martinez, W/M 7/7/82, illegal use of weapon E-80729-13

Michael Drewett, W/M 7/6/86, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling D-06673-13

Terrie Trahan, W/M 7/23/68, aggravated rape E-81247-12

Darren Peters, B/M 9/16/67, possession of stolen property, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, felony theft B-06694-13

Cedric Johnson, B/M 4/29/96, attempt simple burglary, contributing to delinquency of juvenile-felony E-09375-13

Christopher Matthews, B/M 6/11/90, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon E-08569-13

Robert Taylor, W/M 9/1/6/94, illegal use of weapon E-01742-13

Jaman Johnson, B/M 5/27/93, illegal possession of stolen property E-80673-13

Juan Pena-hernandez, W/M 8/23/61, simple burglary, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling E-05283-13

Christian Johnson, B/M 11/17/88, introducing contraband into a correctional center

Philip Smith, B/M 5/4/88, 2 counts heroin distribution E-80469-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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