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Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11:16 AM

Siles Declouet, B/M 3/24/97, aggravated rape D-03316-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/29/99, interfer educ facility D-14884-13

JUVENILE, W/M 8/8/98, interfer educ facility D-14884-13

Rebecca Diaz, W/F 7/23/81, illegal possession of stolen property, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling D-80037-13

Bridget Berry, W/F 2/16/75, 3 counts felony theft B-81733-13

Rodney Talley, B/M 8/21/89, armed robbery

Cori Norah, B/M 4/10/90 contraband in correct center D-14943-13

Chaddley Sergent, W/M 3/15/94, auto theft C-29046-13

Shawn Ward, B/M 10/10/96, interfer educ facility D-14141-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/29/99, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling D-14532-13

JUVENILE, W/M 1/122/99, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling D-14532-13

Yashika Calvey, B/F 3/8/78, contraband in correct center D-14034-13

Brian Bragg, B/M 11/10/89, 2 counts domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-19466-13

Kevin Muth, W/M 12/25/62, multiple counts pornography w/juvenile D-06052-13

Jose Martinez, W/M 7/1/83, vehicular homicide D-12121-13

Kristian Rome, W/M 4/18/95, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-6269-13

Robert Bentel, W/M 6/26/87, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling D-12363-13

Keno Penn, B/M 9/10/72, domestic abuse battery-strangulation D-12185-13

Anthony Verdin, W/M 8/11/79, cyberstalking/electronic mail D-13144-13

Sandon Miller, W/M 1/15/89, 4 counts aggravated assault D-12686-13

Jessie Bailey, W/M 3/25/94, simple burglary C-80828-13

Russell Raines, W/M 11/25/85, violation of protective order D-11792-13
Keith Parker, B/M 12/3/66, warrant for identity theft, access device fraud, unauthorized use of access card H-11193-12

Jamaal Jenkins, B/M 6/16/87, contraband in correct center D-11998-13

Paula Alban, W/F 3/25/70, contraband in correct center D-12439-13

Bevan Jones, B/M 11/2/72, warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling D-07077-13

Robert Matthews, B/M 8/30/73, stalking, 2 counts violation of protective order D-11394-13

Desreona Butler, B/F 3/1/90, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling D-80226-13

Troy Leggett, W/M 3/6/63, felony theft D-11519-13

JUVENILE, B/F 4/9/98, battery on school teacher D-11108-13

JUVENILE, B/F 11/14/00, assault on school teacher D-10800-13

JUVENILE, B/F 12/13/99, battery on school teacher D-10846-13

JUVENILE, W/M 7/11/99, possession of weapon on school grounds D-61273-13

Michael Christopher, W/M 10/14/54, warrant for use of firearm cds/violence, aggravated assault A-05509-12

Khristian Abadie, W/M 7/9/91, illegal or unregistered weapon D-10513-13

Dustin Hammell, W/M 2/6/89, warrants for failure to register as sex offender H-16090-12

Montagne Cooper, W/M 12/9/82, illegal possession of stolen property D-09973-13

James Armstrong, W/M 7/1/74, aggravated assault w/firearm, use of firearm cds/violence D-10925-13

Willie Smith, B/M 11/22/65, aggravated assault, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon D-10343-13

Courtez Cambrice, B/M 7/30/92, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal use of weapon C-11259-13

David Thomas, B/M 10/18/64, on warrant for felony theft B-32072-08

Brineshia Brown, B/F 1/1/1998, Interfering educational facility, D-9689-13 - SIB
Darineka Davis, B/F 5/19/1993, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice D-8844-13 - SIB

David Thomas, B/M 10/18/1964, Theft $1500 or more, B-32072-08 - CIB Warrant

Israel Britton, B/M 10/9/1995, Contraband in the Correctional Center, D-10001-13 - JPCC

Johvon Benjamin, B/M 7/31/1990, Violation of probation, E-8761-11 - DOC

Christopher Borras, W/M 7/10/1989, Use of Firearm CDS/violence, D-9673-13, Harahan

Daniel Wright, W/M 12/1/1992, Contraband in Correctional Center - JPCC

Joseph Howard, B/M 10/3/1971, Contraband in the Correctional Center - D-9844-13 - JPCC

Audrey Smith, B/F 10/19/1980, Theft under $500, Theft unauthorized use of access card, C-7122-13 - JPCC

Jamaal Jenkins, B/M 6/16/1987, 3-counts of Contraband in the Correctional Center , D-9968-13 - JPCC

Joseph Michael Allen, W/M 6/18/1963, Felon carrying illegal weapon, Use of firearm CDS/Violence, Ill.Poss stolen Firearms D-7849-13 - SIB

Shecorey Young, B/M 2/7/1996, Car Jacking, Armed Robbery, Ill. Poss stolen firearm, C-82225-13 - Kenner

Floyd Munson, B/M 3/19/1987, Ill. Poss stolen over $1500, L-81312-12 - SIB

Bobbie Brooks, B/M 8/7/1994, Ill. Poss stolen under $500, Theft under $500, Theft of goods $1500 & up vehicle, C-13057-13 - CIB

Jerry Warren B/M 3/11/1981, Parole violation D-99999-13 - DOC

Karan Friloux, W/F 12/18/1962, Use of Firearm CDS/violence, Marijuana DST, Ill. Poss stolen firearms, D-7849-13, Street Crimes

Ryan England, B/M 11/22/1991, Battery Police officer, Resisting officer, Offensive, Derisive, Annoy words with recovery of stolen firearm, D-9210-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
504-363-5521 O

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