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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 11:22 AM

Tedrek Selders, B/M 4/14/1994, Simple Burglary, Ill. Poss. stolen under 500, C-22968-13

Maria Hinojosa, W/F 9/14/1964, Municipal traffic attachment, Forgery, Theft $1500 or more, I-19696-12

Charles Clifford Mason, W/M 7/12/1980, Theft under $500, ILL. Possession of stolen things under $500, Theft under $500, L-16593-12

Dwayne Lewis, B/M 5/1/1983. Aggravated assault with firearm, Simple battery, Fugitive, C-22947-13,

Tracy Hogan, B/M 3/30/1986, False swearing public place, Felony carrying illegal weapon, Ill. Poss. stolen 500-1500,

Tracy Hogan, B/M 3/30/1986, Probation violation 126/95/69

Kristopher Thaller, W/M 5/17/1991, Probation Violation

Brian Rome, W/M 11/10/1984, Parole Violation

Brandon Brooks, B/M 11/10/1988, Contraband in JPCC, C-23185-13.

Varyl Philison, B/M 1/27/61, simple burglary C-62855-13

Samuel Williams, B/M 3/7/53, illegal use of weapon, felony carrying illegal weapon C-22245-13

Brandon McGown, B/M 12/18/84, contraband in correct center C-22573-13

Jelili Adelaguin, B/M 3/23/82, simple burglary C-22723-13

Matthew Scarabin, W/M 11/28/90, illegal use of weapon C-21639-13

Valentin Martinez, W/M 2/26/81, heroin possession C-81574-13

Jamar Williams, B/M 7/15/87, obscenity C-21794-13

Shannon Aucoin, W/F 6/16/83, felony theft C-21036-13

Ricky White, B/M 10/23/93, violation of protective order C-21829-13

James Morris, B/M 1/13/92, armed robbery C-21690-13

Darrion Hughes, B/M 8/28/94, carnal knowledge of juvenile C-21838-13

Lenny Wilson, W/M 1/4/88, illegal possession of stolen property C=-81555-13

Terez Bradley, B/F 12/1/84, 3 counts identity theft C-81411-13

Michael Price, B/M 2/5/90, felony carrying illegal weapon C-81531-13

Jeffrey David, W/M 7/15/90, extort-threat injurty C-20681-13

Rynell Lee, B/M 11/8/89, obscenity C-20786-13

Shania White, B/F 8/7/1998, Resist Police Force/Violence, Batt. Police Officer Batt. School Teacher, Dist. Peace Interupt. C-19663-13

Dayza Martin, B/F 12/23/1998, Battery on School Teacher, C-19632-13

Shamarr Marshall, B/M 8/6/2001, Ill. Poss. Stolen 500-1500, C-19702-13

Jarrett Guerrieri, W/M 7/20/1994, Simple Burglary-Inhab. Dwelling, B-6269-13

Chontal Estepan Cecilio, W/M 3/21/2013, Ill. Carrying of Weapon

Thyreal Valentine, B/F 10/10/1994, Interfering with an educational facility , Battery/Police Officer, Resist Police Force/Violence, C-19758-13

Terrence Mitchell, B/M 2/2/1989, Obscenity, C-19665-13

Farrell Williams, B/M 11/7/1972, Felon with Ill. Weapon, Ill. Poss. of Firearm

Derrick Carr, W/M 10/2/1990, Heroin Poss. C-81487-13

Frank Gardner, B/M 1/23/1986, Ill. use of Firearm, Felony w/firearm, Ill. carrying of firearm, Crack Possession

Christian Richards, W/F 9/14/1986, Poss. of MDMA, Simple Burglary, D-5197-07 and D-9999-13

George Hernandez, W/M 6/21/1958, Theft of a Firearm - 3 counts, H-27267-06

Robert Miguez, W/M 8/22/1946, Agg. Assault with Firearm, Fugitive, C-20084-13

Ashante Neville, B/M Agg. Assault with Firearm C-19324-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sSheriff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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