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Monday, March 04, 2013 10:14 AM

Jeffrey Lawrence B/M 7/17/82, use of firearm cds/violence C-60220-13

Gregory Toussaint, B/M 6/23/68, domestic abuse battery-strangulation C-01863-13

Kevin Kapuduwa, W/M 12/16/94, theft of firearm, illegal possession of stolen firearm, felony carrying illegal weapon C-80136-13

John McDowell, W/M 7/18/94, aggravated assault, illegal possession stolen firearms, theft of firearm C-80136-13

George Washington, B/M 4/15/80, violation of protective order C-60238-13

Candie Capitano, W/F 3/8/84, auto theft C-05773-13

Stanley Gilbert, W/M 6/6/89, contraband in correct center C-01380-13

Quan Marshall, B/M 7/14/94, unauthorized use of motor vehicle C-00250-13

Marcos Reyna, W/M 9/12/94, forcible rape C-01064-13

Clifford Payne, B/M 12/29/59, aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping C-00892-13

Tylerie Schilly, W/F 8/13/95, aggravated assault C-80032-13

Rosalind Craft, B/F 8/27/77, contraband in correct center C-00217-13

Brianna Cotton, W/F 11/3/95, contraband in correct center B-25079-13

Matthew Hoffman, W/M 1/6/84, 3 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling A-22228-13

Dequan Alonzo, B/M 5/5/94, 2 counts armed robbery B-23462-13

Craig Waldermar-Reel, W/M 11/21/84, use of firearm cds/violence K-81640-12

Gulliver Lea, B/M 1/25/55, illegal possession of stolen property C-00347-13

April Stevens, W/F 4/21/92, felony theft L-81185-12

Nicole Nickell, W/F 9/6/79, possession of morphine, possession of heroin B-25281-13

Gerald Comeaux, B/M 7/8/74, use of firearm cds/violence C-00375-13

Morris Bates, B/M 9/17/80, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-60436-13

Braxton Dent, B/M 1/8/94, use of firearm cds/violence B-25205-13

Morris Sarah, B/M 6/2/96, interfer educ facility B-24739-13

Gary Miller, W/M 11/9/60, felony theft B-24729-13

James Augustine, B/M 10/2/87, 2 counts crack distribution B-80272-13

Jodie Arceneaux, W/F 6/22/70, felony theft B-24729-13

Lyndell Alford, B/M 7/18/84, 3 counts crack distribution L-80649-12

Raymond Haywood, B/M 2/3/72, incest B-23774-13

Angelo Ross, B/M 5/11/92, felony carrying illegal weapon B-09400-13

Elvin Bazile, B/M 3/9/82, 2 counts crack distribution A-80168-13

Kernelius Alford, B/M 4/8/89, 2 countscrack distribution J-82017-12

Brian Lacoste, W/M 9/1/89, heroin distribution B-24045-13

Andrew Freeman, B/M 8/6/88, illegal possession of stolen property A-07987-13

Lawrence Francois, B/M 12/19/84, illegal possession of stolen firearms, felony carrying illegal weapon B-24104-13

Lindy Jackson, b/M 11/17/64, 2 counts crack distribution A-81106-13

Gregory Washington, B/M 3/19/89, crack distribution K-80521-12

Corteze Myers, Jr., B/M 2/10/86, 2 counts crack distribution K-81247-12

Marcus Lewis, B/M 10/30/79, crack distribution L-80682-12

Kevin Brown, B/M 8/4/79, crack distribution K-80870-12

Derrick Williams, B/M 12/1/76, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-63072-13

James Miller, W/M 7/21/75, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-28735-12

Justin Hutchinson, B/M 11/20/89, aggravated assault w/firearm A-26312-13

Terrence Mitchell, B/M 2/2/89, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, illegal possession of stolen property B-23915-13

Alvin Skinner, B/M 3/14/38, 2 counts cruelty to juvnile B-22833-13

Kristian Rome, W/M 4/18/95, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-17767-13

Matthew Hoffman, W/M 1/6/84, 3 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling A-23224-13

Patrick Ware, W/M 4/16/878, false swearing re: robbery B-23260-13

Edward Barthel, W/M 10/23/74, simple burglary B-23525-13

Nathaniel Logan, B/M 9/9/74, possession of heroin B-23391-13

Ken Mayeaux, W/M 11/27/78, unauthorized use of motor vehicle B-23976-13

Jammario Hensley, B/M 1/26/96, aggravated assault of officer w/firearm, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal possession of stolen firearm B-24104-13

Ryan England, B/M 11/22/91, illegal possession of stolen firearms B-24104-13

Lawrence McMillon, B/M 12/24/90, illegal possession of stolen property B-03869-13

Daryn Gisclair, W/M 5/5/70, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-15295-13

Levi Lefevre, W/M 8/6/85, 5 counts aggravated assault w/firearm B-81650-13

Austin Wiedow, W/M 8/30/96, interfer educ facility B-22774-13

JUVENILE, B/M 12/29/99, battery on school teacher, inter educ facility B-22927-13

Melvin Williams, B/M 12/12/95, interfer educ facility B-22774-13

Delvin Washington, B/M 8/23/94, contraband in correct center B-22989-13

Antoinette Russell, B/F 1/29/77, felony theft B-13359-13

Pamela Garner, B/F 7/14/56, use of firearm cds/violence B-22761-13

Jarrius Garner, B/M 3/29/82, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon B-22761-13

Michaelena Robinson, B/F 11/20/81, felony theft B-13359-13

Paul Crotwell, W/M 5/31/76, simple burglary B-22707-13

Brandon Jones, B/M 9/7/94, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-22849-13

Levi Lefevre, W/M 8/6/85, 6 counts aggravated assault w/firearm B-81650-13

Marinece Craft, B/F 7/17/61, 2 counts cruelty to juvenile B-22833-13

Rebecca Diaz, W/F 7/23/81, illegal possession of stolen property B-81762-13

Richard Lee, B/M 3/12/51, 2 counts felony theft B-22349-13

Jairus Palmer, B/M 8/26/90, violation of protective order E-14799-12

Katie Donner, W/F 1/7/81, on warrant for simple burglary J-26116-12

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Shderiff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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