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Friday, February 08, 2013 12:02 PM

JUVENILE, B/M 1/30/97, illegal possession stolen property, auto theft A-01852-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/8/01, battery on a school teacher B-05516-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/4/98, battery on a school teacher B-05561-13

JUVENILE, B/M 3/18/99, battery on a school teacher B-60695-13

Veronica Polite, B/F 8/19/63, battery on a school teacher A-15292-13

Ricardo Ortiz, W/M 1/2/56, warrant for violation of protective order J-07691-12

Brandon Egan, W/M 1/17/87, illegal use of a firearm cds/violence B-80432-13

Shelita Evans, B/F 6/16/87, cruelty to a juvenile B-04806-13

Juan Hernandez, W/M 8/18/89, aggravated rape B-05238-13

Quantis Charles, B/M 12/27/91, illegal possession of stolen property B-80387-13
Richard Dixon, B/M 6/24/68, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-04706-13

Edward Hunter, B/M 2/8/72, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle B-03627-13

Ory Brehm, W/M 1/14/89, warrant for indecent behavior w/juvenile, pornography w/juvenile L-25748-13

Andrew Johnson, B/M 2/26/92, warrant for attempt second degree murder I-62012-12

Diaminike Stalbert, B/F 7/12/90, warrant for 2 counts access device fraud C-50522-09

Briar Guitrau, W/M 4/15/91, 2 counts auto theft A-27004-13

Kyle Kearney, W/M 8/4/90, 2 counts simple burglary I-81246-13
JUVENILE, B/M 10/15/99, possession of weapon on school grounds B-03677-13

JUVENILE, B/M 2/19/00, battery on a school teacher B-03767-13

Patience Lewis, B/F 7/18/95, illegal carrying weapons J-24403-13
Brian Tidwell, W/M 3/8/78, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-02849-13

Donovan Krieger, W/M 4/2/91, false swearing re: robbery B-02059-13

Nehemiah Lawson, B/M 9/19/81, on warrant for cyberstalking/electronic mail G-06402-11

Tony Ford, B/M 11/2/71, warrant for conspiracy armed robbery, principal to aggravated burglary, principal to armed robbery G-25704-12

Brandey Arceneaux, B/F 10/20/88, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-80241-13

Darell James, B/M 1/13/87, illegal use of a firearm cds/violence L-18874-12

Jonathan Lopez, H/M 3/18/87, aggravated burglary B-00284-13

Cory Dobrovolny, W/M 3/10/75, principal to residence burglary B-80241-13

Tyshima Smith, B/F 1/15/87, contraband in correct center B-03831-13

Aaron Little, W/M 3/15/88, warrant for second degree robbery L-07600-12

Reynaldo Garcia, W/M 12/19/89, aggravated rape A-15976-13

Christopher Molette, B/M 6/21/96, 3 counts armed robbery A-06183-13
Thomas Westley, B/M 12/19/94, on warrant for simple burglary A-07818-10

Ronnie Cornin, B/M 6/4/92, felony carrying illegal weapon B-60319-13

Curon Hunter, B/M 4/21/95, illegal possession of stolen property, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal possession stolen firearm B-02192-13

Brian Porter, B/M 5/19/76, auto theft, attempt carjacking, 3 counts aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal carrying weapons B-80184-13

Willie Shepherd, B/M 8/4/76, illegal possession of stolen property B-02722-13

Gerald Leeper, W/M 6/2/70, warrant for violation of protective order, contraband in correct center L-12095-12

Charles Obryan, W/M 6/12/89, domestic abuse battery-strangulation K-17949-12

Warren Dobard, B/M 1/17/91, illegal possession of stolen property B-02952-13

David Murray, W/M 11/21/56, contraband in correct center B-02928-13

Dillon Wright, B/M 9/8/92, warrants for 2 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, 2 counts illegal possession of stolen property I-14629-12
William Chapman, B/M 12/14/52, illegal use of weapon B-02145-13

Brandon Bornes, B/M 12/15/88, illegal possession of stolen property, alter remove auto VIN number B-01843-13

David Garcia, W/M 5/12/66, warrant for 2 counts cyberstalking/electronic mail H-19133-12

James Davis, B/M 4/29/86, aggravated burglary B-00284-13

Raquel Banks, W/F 10/16/68, prostitution B-80068-13

Le'roy Holly, B/M 7/23/01 (juvenile), obscenity B-00474-13

Sclonda Bryant B/F 6/18/71, 3 counts unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling A-81798-13

Kristion Faulkner, W/F 10/10/94, auto theft A-23278-13

David Williams, B/M 5/30/87, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal carrying weapons, contraband in correct center B-00382-13
Erik Beasley, B/M 2/8/79, aggravated assault, armed robbery A-81529-13

Katelynn Franks, W/F 9/24/93, auto theft A-23278-13

Orlando Cruz, W/M 11/11/71, 2 counts aggravated assault w/firearm, use of firearm cds/violence B-00120-13

Manny Gallardo, W/M 3/23/81, possession cds by fraud/forgery B-00618-13
Glenn Brown, B/M 3/15/63, illegal possession of stolen property B-00279-13

Billy Engert, W/M 8/4/89, on warrant for illegal use of weapon L-06778-12

Natanael Morales, W/M 12/1/84, aggravated assault B-00120-13

Darell James, B/M 1/13/87, aggravated burglary B-00284-13
Phazie Ornelus, B/M 7/31/97, battery on school teacher w/injury A-27570-13

Steven Shaw, B/M 7/16/96, 2 counts attempt first degree robbery A-17472-13

Christina Smith, W/F 4/20/89, prostitution A-82056-13

Alfred Stewart, B/M10/9/89, use of firearm cds/violence A-27772-13

Shaquric Lanus, B/M 5/21/95, illegal possession of stolen property A-82027-13

Alfred Adams, B/M 5/26/77, false imprisonment/armed weapon A-11186-13

Derrick Green, B/M 1/31/81, domestic abuse battery-strangulation A-28092-13
JUVENILE, B/M 10/16/97, 2 counts attempt first degree robbery A-17472-13

Antoine Lewis, B/M 1/28/89, possession cds by fraud/forgery A-26879-13

Shannon Allemand, W/F 2/9/82, on warrant for stalking H-26138-06

Antoine Irvin, B/M 8/8/74, possession of weapon on school grounds, illegal use of weapon, aggravated assault A-62955-13

Jason Porche, W/M 9/20/80, warrant for bank fraud, 2 counts forgery, theft E-28243-11
Willie Donald, B/M 3/16/60, on warrant for failure to register as sex offender A-21752-13

Bradford Ducote, W/M 5/3/82, possession of heroin A-26708-13

Claude Washington, B/M 11/15/92, on warrant for simple robbery J-20694-12

Robert Constant, B/M 3/8/94, possession of heroin A-63045-13

Carl Reagon, W/M 12/30/78, false swearing re: robbery A-27181-13
JUVENILE, W/M 2/5/99, interfering with an educational facility A-26093-13

JUVENILE, B/M 5/15/98, battery on school teacher A-25963-13

JUVENILE, B/F 10/22/96, battery on school teacher, interfering with an educational facility a-62934-13

JUVENILE, B/F 9/22/99, interfering with an educational facility A-25924-13

Moneshia Davis, B/F 11/27/79, illegal use of weapon A-25742-13

Bailey Little, W/M 7/12/95, 4 counts theft of firearm, felony theft A-06718-13

John Spurgeon, W/M 4/18/80, domestic abuse battery-strangulation A-81889-13

Donald Bickham, B/M 9/17/87, felony carrying illegal weapon, aggravated assault A-81535-13

Anicia Nash, B/F 6/1/76, bank fraud, forgery A-12294-13

Jose Barillas, W/M 11/25/67, pornography w/juvenile K-80402-12

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Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
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