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Thursday, January 24, 2013 01:45 PM

JUVENILE, B/F 8/21/1997, Unauthorized use of a movable, Theft under $500, Unruly or uncontrollable, A-20589-13

Dashanae Williams, B/F 11/17/1996, Ill. Poss. stolen over $1500, Resist arrest by flight, A-12814-13

Ory Brehm, W/M 1/14/1989, Battery/Sexual, Indecent behavior with juvenile, Pornography with juvenile, L-24306-12

Ronald Delaney, B/M 12/25/1994, Contraband in JPCC, A-10959-13

Joseph Nathan Gudan, W/M 11/27/1992, Indecent behavior with juvenile, H-24009-12

Warren Fontenette, B/M 3/12/1978, 2nd degree murder, A-16572-13

Donald Jarrel Jones, B/M 8/17/1988, 3-counts aggravated criminal damage to property, Ill. use of weapon, A-19807-13


Byron Matthews Jr. B/M 11/21/1991, Simple Burglary-inhabited dwelling, A-19648-13

Antwon Gibson, B/M, 2/23/1995, Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, A-13386-13

Ralph Willie, W/M 7/17/1944, Pornography with Juvenile, A-19405-13

Jacob Osborne, W/M 6/25/1990, Contraband in JPCC, Heroin, A-20084-13

Jamal Coleman, B/M 11/17/1992, Simple Burglary-Inhabited dwelling, A-19648-13

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