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Thursday, January 10, 2013 11:02 AM

Cheryl Hudson, B/F 7/24/70, aggravated assault A-80544-13

JUVENILE , B/M 7/1/98, attempted auto theft, simple burglary, unauthorized entry A-60825-13

John Cannon, B/M 10/1/65, bank fraud A-07984-13

Lanesha Brown, B/F 10/21/84 cruelty to a juvenile A-07177-13

Israel Santos, W/M 6/25/79, auto theft, illegal possession of stolen property A-07562-13

Clarence Howard, B/M 7/29/86, warrant for aggravated burglary, domestic abuse battery-strangulation A-01261-13

Corey Sobota, W/M 8/8/81, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling A-80502-13

Herman Turlich, W/M 3/23/77, bank fraud A-07945-13

Isidro Martinez-Cruz, W/M 8/4/63, domestic abuse battery-strangulation A-60918-13

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