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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:32 AM

JUVENILE, B/M 1/13/97, intimidation of witness, illegal possession of handgun by juvenile J-29494-12

JUVENILE, W/M 2/9/00, illegal use of weapon J-32400-12

JUVENILE, W/M 1/16/97, illegal use of weapon J-32400-12

JUVENILE, B/M 10/16/97, interfering with an educational facility J-63396-12

JUVENILE, B/M 7/1/96, battery on school teacher J-29267-12

JUVENILE, B/M 8/22/96, looting H-81933-12

Othello Hamilton, b/M 5/12/82, obscenity J-29435-12

Illya Zerangue, B/M 8/30/67, attempt purse snatching J-61021-12

Terrance Young, B/M 7/8/80, harassing phone calls J-00989-12

George Cepriano, W/M 5/15/71, warrant for violation of protective order A-05827-12

Lance Patti, W/M 2/23/82, use of firearm cds/violence J-29348-12

Arthur Guilbeaux, B/M 10/12/66, illegal carrying of weapons J-81906-12

JUVENILE, B/M 7/9/01 interfering with an educational facility J-28482-12

JUVENILE, B/M 11/29/99, interfering educational facility J-28482-12

JUVENILE, B/M 1/6/96, illegal possession of handgun by juvenile

JUVENILE, B/M 2/3/97, interfering with an educational facility J-63257-12

Brodrick Bell, B/M 12/20/88, aggravated assault w/firearm, felony carrying illegal weapon J-27837-12

Shawn Poindexter, B/M 5/13/76, warrant for 2 counts cyber stalking/electronic mail E-08389-12

Pierre Lombardino, W/M 1/7/92, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling J-63309-12

Michael Guitreau, W/M 2/17/90, warrant for aggravated rape I-16836-12

Otis Brown, B/M 1/15/56, illegal possession of stolen property D-30097-12
Cesar Ruiz, W/M 8/10/93, attempt first degree murder J-26545-12

Geovany Trejo-Pena, W/M 9/10/82, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling J-27437-12

Wayne Ceasar, B/M 5/25/64, domestic abuse aggravated assault J-27282-12

Iris Alvarado, W/F 9/30/78, aggravated assault J-81755-12

JUVENILE, B/M 12/8/95, illegal possession of handgun by juvenile, felony carrying illegal weapon J-26685-12

Kathleen Pugh, W/F 9/1/93, aggravated burglary J-25971-12

Jason Ostrander, W/M 12/25/89, aggravated assault w/handgun J-63045-12

Brian Darby, B/M 3/26/71, domestic abuse battery-strangulation J-81720-12

Devin Tyler, W/M 10/24/90, aggravated burglary J-25971-12

Troy Mallard, B/M 7/24/93, use of firearm cds/violence J-256045-12

Chandler Hinton, B/M 7/28/90, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling J-16161-12

Marshal Robles, W/M 9/28/94, 5 counts simple burglary I-81381-12

Jolene Parks, W/F 4/27/82, warrant for failure to register as sex offender G-06317-12

Christopher Sorrels, W/M 2/24/76, warrant for simple burglary KI-06831-12

Ashley Huxen, W/F 1/14/79, unauthorized use of motor vehicle J-24252-12

Bryan Adams, B/M 3/29/85, exposure w/intent to arouse J-25916-12
Derrick Ford, B/M 7/7/90, aggravated assault J-256746-12

Reginal Kent, B/M 11/6/84, exposure w/intent to arouse J-25903-12

Kristina Gabik, W/F 9/5/86, felony theft J-24460-12

Kimberly Arboleda, W/F 7/2/63, violation of protective order J-24887-12

Alton Hindelang, W/M 6/29/84, felony theft J-62314-12

Paul Shepard, W/M 2/27/82, attempt auto theft HJ-25056-12

Earl Stephens , W/M 11/5/80, warrant for simple burglary G-81186-12

JUVENILE, B/M 3/15/94, warrant for simple burglary G-81305-12

Tamatha Holmes, W/F 7/30/69, vehicular homicide I-32943-12

Colonel John N. fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office
504-363-5521 O

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