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Monday, October 22, 2012 10:26 AM

Aaron Smith, B/M 9/8/81, simple burglary, unauthorized entry of business J-81125-12

Tiffini Woodward, W/F 6/20/94, on warrant for felony theft I-21161-12

Alphonse Brown, B/M 7/13/92, domestic abuse battery-strangulation, violation of protective order J-17533-12

James Ingram, B/M 8/31/86, simple burglary J-81125-12

Corey Debautte, W/M 2/21/92, carnal knowledge of juvenile D-12976-12

Louis Buras, W/M 8/27/42, obscenity J-62080-12

Jeanette Foucher, B/F 4/1/81, on warrant for 2 counts theft unauthorized use access card, 2 counts access device fraud B-00174-11

Stephen Henriques, W/M 7/20/93, 2 counts simple burglary I-81246-12

Lamont Malter, B/M 10/23/91, on warrant for felony theft J-17515-11

Ryan Delacerda, W/M 2/8/78, on warrant for unauthorized use of motor vehicle F-03143-12

Nolvia Avila, W/F 9/27/86, cruelty to juvenile J-16560-12

Bryan Pittman, B/M 6/4/83, on warrant for felony carrying illegal weapon G-07432-12

Donovan Ladd, W/M 7/20/90, simple burglary I-80863-12

Chrishaun Crimmins, B/M 6/20/91, domestic abuse battery-pregnant J-17390-12

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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