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Monday, April 23, 2012 11:28 AM

JUVENILE, B/M 8/30/1995, Aggravated Assault (2 counts), illegal use of a firearm CDS/violence D-21916-12

JUVENILE, B/M 11/12/1996, Attempt Simple Burglary/Business D-21043-12

Jada Francis, B/F 5/5/1984, Contraband in C.C. D-21221-12

Tyrone Carter, B/M 6/15/1972, Filing false records D-62221-12

Sairaipha Paisant, B/M 12/19/1980, Simple Robbery C-17285-12

JUVENILE, W/F 8/16/1995, Poss. Marijuana 1st offense, Poss Drug paraphernalia D-19999-12

JUVENILE, W/M 4/14/1996, Poss. Marijuana 1st offense on school grounds D-20132-2012

JUVENILE, W/M 12/24/1996, Poss. Marijuana 1st offense on school grounds D-20132-12

Michelle Sposito, W/F 10/12/1989, Battery/Aggravated Simple Battery d-19833-12

Rynika Allen, B/F 3/6/1993, Theft of Goods over $1500 - D-19476-12

Rachel Kimball, W/F 4/10/1985, Contraband in C.C., Marijuana, Hydroquinone, Possession Drug Paraphernalia - D-20081-12

Eric Morales, W/M 4/9/1985, Simple Burglary-inhabited dwelling, D-19648-12

Ray Henderson, B/M 5/3/1958, Felony Theft, Monitory Instrument abuse J-24996-11

Gerald Bates, B/M 11/7/1991, Simple Burglary/inhabited dwelling, Ill Possession of stolen property over $1500 - D-20291-12

Jerome Beasly, B/M 12/6/1977, Carnal knowledge - C-82131-08

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Public Information Office
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