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Monday, April 16, 2012 10:42 AM

Decorian Jefferson, B/M 10/24/91, illegal possession of stolen property D-14976-12

Corday Shoulder, B/M 1/1/89, warrant for illegal possession of stolen firearms F-20125-08

Joerell Berryhill, B/M 4/21/85, warrant for failure to register as sex offender, contraband in correct center B-14094-12

Shane Badeaux, W/M 5/15/79, simple burglary D-13520-12

Larron Butler, B/M 6/19/89, use of firearm cds/violence D-61481-12

Jamar Joseph, B/M 7/27/82, assault/drive by shooting D-80726-12

Jonathan Webber, B/M 3/25/83, domestic abuse battery-strangulation D-14416-12

Denny Marse, W/M 4/15/58, domestic abuse battery-strangulation D-09778-12

William Domingo, B/M 4/1/93, attempt second degree murder D-05792-12

Keith Leedy, W/M 2/9/79, warrant for two counts felony theft A=26816-12

Charbaney Smith, B/F 4/10/87, child desertion, use of firearm cds/violence D-80479-12

Simon Bennett, B/M 10/22/64, warrant for failure to register as sex offender C-05992-12

Brian Hughes, B/M 9/10/70, warrant for aggravated assault K-15242-10

Ryan Pelaez, W/M 4/19/93, possession of heroin D-80823-12

Melvin Videau, B/M 5/9/85, contraband in correct center D-13044-12

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