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Thursday, March 15, 2012 10:14 AM

Asia Rachal, B/F 12/1/89, aggravated assault C-81056-12

JUVENILE, B/F 6/9/95, 3 counts second degree robbery L-24089-11

JUVENILE, B/M 8/11/95, armed robbery, attempt armed robbery C-13817-12

JUVENILE, B/M 3/17/96, simple robbery C-14206-12

Michael Shelby, B/M 1/28/85, second degree murder, attempt second degree murder, aggravated burglary K-14153-11

Peyton Dibartolo, W/M 8/1/84, possession of heroin C-61634-12

Carlos Pavon, W/M 4/5/78, warrant for unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling, domestic abuse battery-strangulation, simple robbery

John Vorisco, W/M 5/13/66, illegal use of a firearm cds/violence C-11156-12

Ebony Clay, B/F 4/3/94, cruelty to a juvenile C-13779-12

Rance Dunbar, B/M 4/12/82, unauthorized use of motor vehicle C-12286-12

Tracy Ebeyer, W/F 4/7/69, contraband into a correctional center C-14239-12

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