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Monday, January 23, 2012 12:30 PM

Tonisha Poole, B/F 5/20/88, illegal carrying of weapons A-81623-12

JUVENILE, W/M 4/18/95, simple burglary, 2 counts attempt residential burglary A-06484-12

Melvin Cullins, b/M 11/4/94, illegal carrying weapons, illegal possession of stolen property A-222296-12

Christopher Centanni, W/M 6/19/71, unauthorized use of motor vehicle A-21490-12

Alphonse Wiebelt, W/M 8/22/45, felony theft A-21478-12

James Newsom, W/M 2/17/83, possession of heroin A-81609-12

Qwanya Whittaker, B/F 6/19/81, contraband in correct center A-21908-12

Vanessa Agent, W/F 7/29/87, warrant for theft K-80584-11

Jessica Navas, W/F 9/29/87, violation of protective order A-21041-12

Brian Macaluso, W/M 1/3/85, possession of heroin A-62229-12

Jose Morales, W/M 12/3/83, heroin distribution A-81517-12

Louis Polkey, W/M 6/5/90, warrant for felony theft A-20596-12

Kaci Giovengo, W/F 2/11/88, contraband in correct center A-20605-12

Ashley Rose, W/F 5/2/88, possession of heroin A-69229-12

Charles Martin, W/M 5/19/85, domestic abuse battery-strangulation, aggravated assault A-81494-12

William Rutherford, W/M 3/13/58, warrant for felony theft D-18232-11

Robert Francis, B/M 6/5/77, auto theft, monetary instrument abuse L-81487-11

JUVENILE, B/M 8/17/95, illegal possession of stolen property A-16013-12

David Rhoto, W/M 11/15/60, warrant for failure to register as sex offender A-16752-12

Armando Reyes, W/M 7/12/92, warrant for contributing to delinquency of juvenile L-26120-12

Javone Martin, B/M 12/18/81, warrant for use of firarm cds/violence J-26378-11

Simon Montgomery, B/M 10/19/76, warrant for use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession of stolen firearm I-10175-11

Matthew Worrell, W/M 4/5/89, contraband in correct center A-19539-12

Kenall Holmes, B/M 3/21/91, warrant for monetary instrument abuse K-17870-11

Gina Seawright, W/F 12/4/85, warrant for auto theft, forgery L-06495-11 & a warrant for auto theft, monetary instrument abuse L-81487-11

Guy Huffine, W/M 10/30/54, warrant for false affidavit re: auto theft, filing false public records K-29056-11

Christine Kimble, W/F 9/22/88, warrant for unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling E-29634-11

Dana Brubaker, W/F 11/10/84, simple kidnapping K-11824-11

Phillip Harrison, B/M 10/19/90, warrant for domestic abuse battery-strangulation L-62932-11

Thomas Steverson, W/M 11/1/50, stalking A-20070-12

Phillip Smith, B/M 5/4/88, illegal possession of stolen firearms, felony carrying illegal weapon L-81787-11

John Price, B/M 8/28/64, warrant for 4 counts cruelty to juvenile A-81234-12

Karl Keller, W/M 6/21/82, felony theft, simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen property D-10890-11

Marquis Harris, B/M 2/18/89, on warrant for illegal possession of stolen firearms I-80566-11

Robert Williams, W/M 4/28/85, possession of heroin A-81385-12

Molly Whipple, W/F 12/28/92, contraband in correct center A-18982-12

Cali Calcagno, W/F 1/6/89, on warrant for harassing phone calls, cyber stalking/electronic mail L-09784-11

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Public Information Office
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