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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 12:04 PM

Terrell Carter, B/M, 10/22/1996, Unauthorized Entry of Inhabited Dwelling, Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, H-22664-14

Walter Lopez-Hernandez, W/M, 05/17/1972, Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, Aggravated Assault, 2 counts Aggravated Battery, Offensive-Derisive-Annoy Words, Disturbing the Peace Drunk, Disturbing the Peace 3 or More Fighting, H-81648-14

Nelson Arce, W/M, 08/08/1992, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist Arrest by Violence, H-23024-14

Timmie Harris, B/M, 11/10/1975, Attachment, 2nd Degree Battery, F-12397-14, H-21907-14

JUVENILE, W/M, 06/23/1998 (16 years old), 2nd Degree Battery, H-21648-14

Aaron J Thompson, W/M, 07/08/1987, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, H-62768-14

Colby Chase Pappas, W/M, 06/03/1985, Armed Robbery, Extortion, H-19436-14

Stephen R Laird, W/M, 09/04/1984, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, H-81497-14

Candice J Caulfield, W/F, 06/11/1976, 2 Attachments, Human Trafficking, Fugitive, Trafficking Child Sex Purposes, Second Degree Cruelty to Juvenile, Cont Endanger Minor, Promoting Prostitution, Entice Persons in Prostitution, H-20210-14, F-14126-93, H-20015-14, H-20217-14

Isiah Hickerson, B/M, 01/15/1957, Attempt Theft $25000 or More, Bank Fraud, Forgery, Monetary Instrument Abuse, L-25110-12

Dayn Blancher, W/F, 02/01/1962, Aggravated Battery, Simple Criminal Damage $500 - $50000, Violation of Protective Order, H-20141-14

Johnny M Zuniga-Pacheco, O/M, 03/31/1986, Aggravated Rape Victim Under 13, H-80052-14

Chantell M Letellier, W/F, 07/04/1984, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting an Officer, Attempt-Obstruction of Justice, H-21193-14

Ryan M Boudreau, W/M, 05/24/1978, Driving While Intoxicated 4th, Driving-License Suspended, No Proof Liability Insurance, Renewal Registration, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Coca Leaves Derivative Possession, Oxymorphone Possession, Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, 2 counts Schedule III Possession of a CDS, Clonazepam Possession, H-21054-14

Waylon K Noah, W/M, 05/21/1987, Attachment, Oxycodone Possession, Resisting an Officer, H-21917-14, H-21850-14

Leslie Ann Fernandez, W/F, 07/10/1983, Attachment, 2 counts Theft Under $750, Forgery, Monetary Instrument Abuse, H-22361-14, H-22325-14

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