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Friday, September 19, 2014 12:07 PM

On March 17, 2014, Personal Violence Detective Terri Danna conducted a follow-up investigation into an alleged rape that occurred at an apartment located 4116 Rye Street in Metairie. The 28 year-old, H/F victim, reported on the night of March 15, 2014, she and a female friend consumed several alcoholic beverages while at the daiquiri bar in New Orleans. The victim told investigators the beverages she had, were in her possession the entire time, however, she believed that someone may have slipped something in one of them, because she had no recollection of ever leaving the bar. On the following morning, the victim said she woke up in bed in the apartment of her ex-boyfriend’s which was on Rye Street. Lying next to her, was a Hispanic male she knew as Raul, a friend of her ex-boyfriend. She described that when she woke up, her clothing was disheveled and she could not find her panties or shoes. She requested that Raul and another Hispanic male drive her to her friend’s house where she spent the rest of the day.
Investigators interviewed the victim’s friend (witness) who corroborated the victim’s account of what took placed at the daiquiri bar. She told investigators the victim walked out of the lounge with a male acquaintance and after going outside to check on her was told she was passed out on the sidewalk and would not wake up. The witness said they attempted to wake the victim up, but were unsuccessful. Shortly thereafter, a gold colored 4 door vehicle, occupied by two (2) Hispanic males, pulled up next to them. The witness recognized one of the vehicle’s occupants to be a subject know to her as “Tierrita.” She stated that Tierrita and a male subject placed the victim in their vehicle and fled. The witness and her friend drove around looking for victim, all the while calling her cell phone, but were unable to make contact with her. It wasn’t until around 8:50 am that morning, the victim arrived at her home. The witness reported seeing abrasions on the victim’s body and noticed she was wearing a pair of men’s sandals. Initially, the victim did not go to the hospital, however, she was convinced by the witness later that evening to go get examined at the hospital. A “rape kit” was performed on the victim while at the hospital and submitted to the JPSO Crime Lab for processing.

On July 8, 2014, Detective Danna received the JPSO DNA report in this investigation which revealed the specimen taken from the victim was conclusive and the specimen matched a convicted offender/arrestee identified as Oscar Bonila Vayecillo, H/M, 30 of Norcross GA. A photo lineup was presented to the victim and the witness who both identified Oscar Bonilla Vayecillo, as the subject they knew as Tierrita. Detective Danna re-interviewed the witness who recalled seeing Tierrita inside the bar standing close to the table she and the victim were sitting. On August 13, 2014, an arrest was obtained for Oscar Bonilla Vayecillo. Detective Danna was notified on September 3, 2014, that Oscar Bonilla-Vayecillo was apprehended in GA by US Marshals Fugitive Task Force. Three days later, Vayecillo was extradited back to Jefferson Parish and booked into the JPCC with one count each of Simple Rape and 2nd Degree Kidnapping.

After learning the identity of the other suspect in this investigation to be that of Raul Montoya, H/M, 36, of 4116 Rye Street in Metairie, Detective Danna requested that Montoya meet her on September 18, 2014, at the JPSO Investigations Bureau. Upon doing so, Montoya admitted he was with his friend Tierrita drinking at a daiquiri bar in NO. He told Danna he helped Tierrita put the victim into their vehicle and drive her to his apartment in Metairie. When asked about how the victim was discovered in his bed, Montoya told Detective Danna he believed Tierrita placed her there, while he was asleep. Upon conclusion of the interview with Montoya, a warrant for his arrest was issued. Subsequently, Raul Montoya was booked into the JPCC with one count of 2nd Degree Kidnapping.

Oscar Bonilla Vayecillo has a prior criminal history with arrests for Simple Assault, Resisting an Officer, Theft, and Disturbing the Peace by Public Intoxication.

Raul Montoya has no prior criminal history.

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