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Tax Collector Activity

The Louisiana Constitution provides for the Sheriff to act as the “Ex-Officio” tax collector of the parish.  The JPSO Bureau of Revenue and Taxation is tasked with this duty.  Currently, this division is responsible for collecting and disbursing over $700 million a year in taxes, licenses, fines and fees.  Collections are made in person at various locations and on-line. 

The basic premise in acting as the tax-collector is that whatever taxes, fees, fines or costs are collected by the JPSO in one month are distributed to the various taxing agencies and courts in the next month.  To accomplish this, a pooled tax collector fund is set up to account for all of this activity separate and apart from the Sheriff’s other operating funds.  As these funds are held by the Sheriff on behalf of others, they are accounted for in an “Agency” fund.

The Tax Collector fund is separated into seven (7) individual funds.  Each of the funds is fairly self-explanatory:

  1. Miscellaneous Fees
  2. Criminal Cash Bonds
  3. $15 Criminal Justice Fees
  4. Fines and Forfeitures
  5. Traffic Camera Fines
  6. Property Taxes
  7. Sales Taxes

In accordance with State Statutes, the JPSO Bureau of Revenue and Taxation makes distributions to the various agencies in the parish by the 10th of each month.  Detailed reports supporting the distributions are provided to the agencies.

See the section titled “Revenue and Taxation” on this website for more information and options.