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Benefits Package Information

As stated before, the JPSO offers a highly competitive Benefits Package to its employees.  Some of the main features include:

·        Group health plan
·        Sick and annual leave
·        Take-home vehicle privileges for law enforcement officers
·        Uniform and equipment provided
·        Short term disability policy
·        Long term disability policy
·        Term Life Insurance policy
·        Employee assistance program
·        Defined Benefit Pension plan
·        Section 457 Deferred Compensation plan

Group Health Plan
100% of Employee premium paid by JPSO
Dependent / Spousal coverage available (JPSO pays approximately 80% of premium)
Administered by Coventry Health Care of Louisiana

Sick and Annual Leave Policy
All leave hours for year granted in advance on July 1 or pro-rated on hire date
Entry level annual leave: 96 hours
Entry level sick leave: 80 hours

Take Home Vehicle Privileges
Law enforcement personnel are permitted to take their vehicles home for limited personal use
Nominal monthly usage fee paid by employee
Gasoline, insurance and maintenance for vehicle paid by JPSO

Uniform / Equipment Provided
Departmental uniforms are provided for employees at no cost to the employee
Departmental guns, tasers, and other special equipment are also provided at no cost to the employee
Bullet-Proof vests are provided for officers in enforcement positions at no cost

Short Term Disability Policy
JPSO pays 100% of premium
Covers employee for up to 26 weeks at 2/3 salary ($1,250/week max)
Benefit payments begin following a 30 day waiting period

Long Term Disability Policy
Optional policy available to employees (employee pays premium)
Benefit payments are 60% of salary until age 65.

Term Life Insurance Policy
JPSO pays 100% of premium
Benefit payments is 2 1/2 times salary (minimum: $75,000 and maximum: $200,000)

Employee Assistance Program
24-hour Toll-Free Hotline for you and your family for a free telephonic evaluation offering support and referrals for six face-to-face counseling sessions
Other services include a 30-minute consultation with a legal and / or financial professional

Defined Benefit Pension Plan
All employees participate in the Louisiana Sheriff's Pension and Relief Fund, multiple employer, defined benefit pension plan.  Contribution rates are set by the State – require employee and employer contribution
Retirement benefits paid at 3 1/3 times years of service (100% at 30 years)
Employees vest into the plan after 12 years of service

Section 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
JPSO sponsors a Section 457 Deferred Compensation Plan in which employees are allowed to make pre-tax contributions to a “supplemental retirement” fund (JPSO does not provide any matching funds at this time)

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on handicap status.