About the Office

  1. A Message from the Sheriff

    We at the JPSO are committed to keeping Jefferson Parish a safe place to live, work and to raise a family.



  3. Overview of Office and Mission Statement

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (the JPSO) is a stand-alone governmental entity, separate and apart from the Parish Council.

  4. Administration & Financial Overview

    To account for the activities of the JPSO, fund accounting is utilized in accordance with the pronouncements of the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB)

  5. Career Opportunities

    The JPSO is currently seeking highly motivated individuals seeking a professional setting to further their law-enforcement careers. We will provide all of the necessary tools to enhance your ability to successfully combat crime and to further your career.

  6. Community Liaison

    The JPSO has established the office of Community Liaison to assist civic, business, and neighborhood organizations as they interact with the Sheriff’s Office.

  7. Compliments & Complaints

    The JPSO encourages its citizens to send in any compliments or complaints they may have.

  8. Public Information Request

    Public Information Request

  9. Departmental Phone Directory

    Access a phone number directory for JPSO.

  10. Fallen Officers

    The following JPSO Officers made the ultimate sacrifice in serving the citizens of Jefferson Parish.

  11. Jail & Corrections

    The Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC) is owned by the Jefferson Parish Government and is administered by the JPSO.

  12. Public Information Office

    In times of emergency, communications play a vital part in ensuring the proper response and handling of an event. For this reason, the JPSO has established a formal Public Information Office.

  13. Public Notices & Bids

    Access public notices and bids through the JPSO.

  14. Vehicle Auction

    Vehicle Auction